Wizard Chess was on the road again, just this time in my car with me driving. This time the Harry Potter chess playing contraption went to the Wat Tyler Centre in Pitsea Essex on the 18th December. Being my first time on a motorway, first time driving longer than going to work, first time driving in a county other than Kent and my first time through the Dartford Tunnel I left stupidly early and managed to get there before even Andy.

The event was part of the centre’s Christmas market/event with various activites available such as lantern making, carol singing and of course playing with some Pis. We were offering the chance to Hack Minecraft, Hack the LEDs and Scratch along with programming a MicroBit and the chance to play chess with Wizard Chess.

I had my first child come up to me and say “This is amazing! I read about this is MagPi”, Alex would be proud! It was nice to catch up with the Southend Brigade (I’m convinced they are a brigade, either that or they are a mad group of monkeys – I’ll let them decide). I’d like to thank Andy for inviting me up to the event and everyone else who was there for their continued support of my Jam and my Wizard Chess.

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