On the 5th August I traveled to the Covent Garden Jam with my Wizard Chess device, mainly to show Frank and the rest of the attendees.

Due to EMF camp happening at the same time (Well, they missed out on magic chess), attendees were very few and far between. Luckily Frank managed to convince some people to come while trying to hunt me down some magnetic chess pieces (I didn’t forget mine, honest). Although David Whale came to the rescue after taking a massive detour to get me some.

David to the rescue.jpg

Considering the lack of attendees the Twitter Sphere went slightly crazy.

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Following the craziness on the Twitter Sphere, my contraption might be featured on the Raspberry Pi blog in the near future. Will keep people updated when I know more.

So I guess I should be coming up with a destination for Leg 3 of the Tour. If anyone’s got any ideas, please let me know.

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