The 16th July saw the first leg of the newly named Wizard Chess Tour (JK Rowling will be claiming copyrights soon, I’m blaming David) in Harlow.

It seemed that people who turned up and looked at my robotic chess set seemed impressed (I still don’t get the big deal over it but hey ho) and thanks to Paul and his rather cool 3D Printer I now have a replacement black (well, blue) bishop which now completes my chess pieces, just need to get some magnetic strip to stick on the bottom so that it can interact with the rest of the system.

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Personally, I think Paul’s Bird Feeder is much better than my chess set but that might just be me, and I always like watching 3D printers (and laser cutters, I know I’m sad).

I’d like to thank David for persuading me to make the trip up to Harlow. Hopefully, the next leg of the tour will be the Covent Garden Jam!

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