The guys we wouldn’t be able to function without the help and support of


Swale Young People

Swale Young People is leading the way with its Young Ambassador Network, allowing young people to access life-changing opportunities in Kent & London. We’re also passionate about Young Enterprise as well as being one of the leading organisations behind The Mill.  These guys have helped with vital legal documents and general support for the Jam in Kent. Along with sending some of their ambassadors to come and run workshop and activities at our events. Check them out here and say that we sent you! 😊

Image result for camjam logo CamJam

A fellow Jam, but with far more to offer than us (we’re working on it 🙃). They have created a range of educational kits to encourage kids (and adults) to learn more about electronics and physical computing. CamJam sent us some of their CamJam EduKits and Pis, Keyboards and Mice to use the EduKits with. On top of this, their organizers are always on hand for support, answering questions and doing us a bit of publicity for future events. Go and show them some love here.

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Github is an online code repository system allowing users to create, edit and share code with other members of the open source community, with colleagues who are working on the code as well or just everyone who wants to view it. They support the education of programming within the UK and abroad through training sessions on how to use Github and Git or assisting with people who are providing the training. We work closely with the UK ambassador who is assisting us financially with the Jam as well as providing Swag to attendees (mainly in the form of stickers, who doesn’t like stickers? 😜). Go and show Joe some love to say thanks for helping up continue with the Jams.

Image result for ryanteck logo RyanTeck

Ryanteck LTD. aims to provide customers with a great shopping experience and unique products and add-ons for your Raspberry Pi, starting from one product, the Motor Controller Board for the Raspberry Pi they now stock over 100 products and have 5 products designed by them on the market. They also help out in the community by providing help to schools and events (such as us!) along with running projects such as Rastrack.

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Image result for mydevices logomyDevices

The creators of Cayenne, the first Internet of Things project builder requiring no previous coding knowledge. myDevices are assisting us financially in growing the Jam. To download the software click here.